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6th Annual 08085 Run\Walk\Sit

Christopher Wilbraham

May 6, 2023

On Saturday, May 6th, 2023, we held our 6th Annual 08085 Run\Walk\Sit Fundraiser

On Saturday, May 6th, we held our 6th Annual 08085 Run\Walk\Sit. Around 150 runners participated in three running events that help the club raise funds that are used in programs that help local children and families in need.

The 08085 Run/Walk/Sit: One mild-mannered zip code… with an event boasting five fantastic options! 

In zip code order, choose from:

  1. A 0.8 Mile kids’ run/walk (1.29K) - Course along a flat, paved trail within Locke Avenue Park. 

  2. A 0.8 Mile walk (VIRTUAL) - Choose your own course and walk at your leisure.

  3. A 0K sit (approximately no miles) - Course along a comfortable chair of your choosing. All the stuff with little-to-none of the sweat!

  4. An 8K run (4.96 miles) - Road and Trail. Mostly out-and-back course mostly along High Hill Road but only featuring gentle, rolling hills less imposing than the road’s name suggests. 3.1 Miles on the paved 5K course with another 1.9 miles on Tranquility Trails, unpaved mostly on a 20' wide dirt trail bordering wooded areas, but there are about 200 yards of trail (with tree roots) through wooded wetland areas. Depending on weather conditions, some mud may be involved.

  5. A 5K run/walk (3.1 miles) - Less-challenging paved course Starting in Locke Ave Park, through High Hill Park, alongside High Hill Road to Tranquility Trails and back..

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